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Politics in games? What's that?

Today while perusing my Facebook feed I came across an article from titled "What's libertarian about your favorite games?"

This caught me a little off guard since I typically don't think about political messages in games at all. I read some of the comments about libertarian ideals in their comment section and saw some mentions to Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, Bioshock, Dragon Age, Red Dead Redemption, Fallout, and MMOs like World of Warcraft, or more likely EVE Online.


After enough mentions I had to look up Papers, Please which turned out to be a really interesting game that showed interesting aspects of immigration laws that I would definitely try assuming I had the money for it.

Some mention Bioshock being an anti-libertarian game, while others argue for it being pro libertarian. Somehow SimCity was thrown in there which kind of gave me the idea that if you made Twitch Plays SimCity you'd end up with a simulated version how things work now (I know it wouldn't exactly but it's still amusing.)


Anyway, I hardly ever look at political aspects of games I wanted to see different perspectives from others. I'm not restricting this to just libertarian, or conservative or liberal. I'm looking for all aspects. What political themes have you seen in games, blatantly obvious or otherwise subtle?

Please remember that everybody has their own opinion and since this is politics debates can get really heated so try to not be too strong on your opinions and be respectful.

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