Note: I posted this last night, but no matter what I do I can't find it on tayclassic. I check when logged in, when logged out, on Chrome, on Internet Explorer, nothing worked. However some people have seen it and have commented on the post so it's somewhere. Anyway I'm re-posting this here because I want to make sure it actually got to where I intended it to go.

UPDATE: I have read quite a few of the comments. Not all of them though, there were WAY more than I ever expected. I figure I should update the analysis to include some of the info gathered from the comments. Also I'm clarifying some things I failed to tie in with the other trailers.

UPDATE 2: I don't listen to Kojima's podcasts so naturally if he confirmed something about the game I wouldn't know.

Surely by now if you have seen the Metal Gear Solid V 9 minute trailer right? If not watch it right up there. Already seen it? Watch it again, it's dramatically amazing and the song "Sins of the Father" is also amazing.

Anyway you may have noticed some things in the trailer. So have I and here I'd like to go over some of them because there is a treasure trove of info in the trailer.


WARNING! I do not claim to know anything about the game. So anything I say is merely speculation and not fact. Maybe some of the ideas presented here are right. Maybe they are wrong. Either way they technically are not spoilers so don't worry. Almost none of it is truly proven fact or full of game ruining potential. However if you feel like I might ruin something for you don't read this.

Also keep in mind I have played just about all of the Metal Gear games except for Rising and Peace Walker. So I am pretty sure I am not going to connect as many dots as I would have if I had played Peace Walker. UPDATE: I forgot that I haven't played Portable Ops, which I would love to play but I lack a working PSP. Also some people have mentioned that I haven't researched Peace Walker. I have researched some of the character and details about the plot. I knew that V taking place almost directly after would be important enough to research enough without spoiling it for me. And I am planning on playing Peace Walker sometime soon.

Back to the point, I am going to present all of the information I have in order of appearance in the trailer but I might have some back tracking involved.

(1) The woman being tortured here looks like Quiet, a character revealed later in the trailer (I told you there would be backtracking). (2) You can also see Ocelot in the scene (the boots are a dead give away). Why does Ocelot need to torture her?

(3)I'm going to bet these child soldiers are being trained for a war. Also I think they may be in Africa.


Every night I can feel my leg, and my arm. Even my fingers. The body I've lost. The comrades I've lost won't stop hurting. It's like they're all still there. You feel it too don't you? I'm going to make them give back our past.

(4) Later on in the trailer you see that both Kazuhiro Miller and Big Boss have lost some limbs at some point. It sounds like he is talking about his phantom pain but it may be deeper than that. He may be talking about the loss of his life's potential past or his future. He still feels like he has a future or had a past but logically he knows he will never be able to get it back. So what he is talking about may be deeper than just a lost limb.

UPDATE: Some people in the comments have mentioned that the voice sounds like Kiefer Sutherland talking, but it can't be him since as far as we know Big Boss didn't lose a leg. this could be Kojima messing with us and trying to conceal something bigger about the cast. Or maybe our hearing is terrible.

The child that has the package removed from his/her abdomen has several people there. (5) Other than Big Boss there is another child in the same yellow outfit. (6) The third person appears to be a soldier and can only be identified by the word MED (medic) on their chest.


UPDATE: Just about anybody who commented mentioned that the girl on the table is most likely Paz, and the boy is Chico.

(7) The package has a blinking light in it (a bomb or transmitter maybe?). (8) Also a peace sign on it, which would be ironic for a bomb. UPDATE: Removing a bomb with a peace symbol from a person named Paz (Spanish for peace) is definitely ironic.

(9) Here is Huey Emmerich, another character revealed later in the trailer. This guy I barely know due to not playing Peace Walker, however I know he is the father of Hal Emmerich. (10) Ocelot is torturing him. What is up with Ocelot and torturing people? I just had a flashback to Metal Gear Solid 1 and 2. (11) Also this is the same room as the room where Quiet is tortured. You can tell by the light over the door has the same pipe next to it, as well as the table is the same.

(12) The other man with Ocelot and Emmerich is probably Miller. It took me a while to realize the glasses were the give away. UPDATE: Some folks in the comments have huge speculation here from the comments about how this may be Campbell rather than Miller based on his looks. UPDATE 2: I forgot to mention he either has no right arm, or has a really flat arm.

(13) Here you can clearly see that Big Boss has a prosthetic hand.

"Let the legend come back to life!"

(14) Ocelot makes it sound like Big Boss hasn't been on the battlefield in a long time. To me it seems like this may be close to the beginning of The Phantom Pain. UPDATE: Or the beginning of the entire game. Not every story starts from the beginning.

(15) Miller might be blind! You can never really see his eyes in the rest of the trailer and he doesn't open them here. (16) Also you never see Big Boss talk, you can just hear it. (17) Another thing is that Miller also sounds like Kiefer Sutherland.

(18) Here is Quiet. Notice here pants and bikini top again. This is definitely the girl from the beginning of the trailer. (19) Also her eyes are surrounded by black marks that recedes towards her eyes as time passes in the trailer. UPDATE: A couple people have pointed out that she seems to have the same photosynthesis ability that The End from MGS3 had. She could be a relative to him.

Eli, the youth who curses his fate. (20) I'm going to just say this is Liquid Snake. Other people have commented on the video mentioning this and the evidence stacks up. Some people have also mentioned that in the Bible Eli and David were brothers of a cursed blood line. Solid Snake's real name is David. Solid and Liquid being David and Eli is just too much of a coincidence. Going on, both Solid and Liquid were born around 1972, sometime after Big Boss fell into a coma. The game supposedly takes place years after he is awakened. So if the game took place in 1982 like some people suggest Liquid and Solid would be about 10 years old. The evidence just adds up.


UPDATE: I don't know why I believe comments on Youtube videos, especially about the Bible. Apparently David and Eli weren't cursed. Don't believe everything you see at a passing glance on the internet, or I'd be a Nigerian millionaire by now. Also Eli has a red beret, typically used by the SAS (which Liquid Snake was in) and a snake in his lap.

UPDATE 2: LunarRoar mentioned that the 'snake' in his lap is actually a conch that was seen in a image showing off the FOX Engine.

(21) Emmerich again, this time standing thanks to the joy of having metal gear legs. I'm pretty sure that this is not after the time where he gets tortured, because he looks too happy to just get up after being tortured like that. I think he must have just built his legs and he is celebrating the fact the work by dancing. The table appears to be in the same position as it was when Quiet is getting tortured so this must be around that time. Also if you backtrack you can see that he was wearing the legs when he was being tortured. (22) Another thing to remember is that Hal Emmerich (Otacon) is born in the early 80's. Maybe Huey will be pressured to do things in order to protect his young child.

A rival living a lie? I'm sure he is the rival of Big Boss even though he works with him. (23) Maybe he betrays him considering his future with the Patriots.

(24) Maybe Psycho Mantis? It looks like him, and according to some sources he was born about 1970 so he would be pretty young if this is after Big Boss comes out of his coma. It would certainly add to the amount of children fighting wars in this game. UPDATE: After watching The Phantom Pain trailer again the way this character levitates seems to be more like Mantis but he didn't like wearing a mask until after he joined FOXHOUND. Also he he was burned badly and lost his hair after burning down the village he lived in so maybe it's not him.

(25) Miller has obviously lost his right arm. As you can see there is just a sleeve here, no arm. So from what I theorize is the beginning of the game Miller is already in bad shape.

This is my favorite part of the trailer. This is next gen! That is all.

(26) I certainly looks like Big Boss is trying to kill this child, or possibly the child is having a seizure and Big Boss is trying to brace his body to prevent injuries from it. Also is the child David/Solid Snake? My theory is no. More on that later. UPDATE: Still Chico, too limp for a seizure.

Just an oil platform in the sea? More on this later too. UPDATE: Mother Base.

Recall this scene from the previous trailers? I do, and I think it will help piece together the MGSV story. Whatever happened to Big Boss and Miller caused Big Boss to go into a coma in the early 1970's. Nine years later Big Boss wakes up to discover he lost his left hand. In this picture he is dressed like he was in the Ground Zeros trailer. that would imply that (27) Ground Zeroes is the before the coma and the beginning of The Phantom Pain is after he wakes up. (28) However if you go back to the trailer when Big Boss is woken up the bandaged man (Ishmael) who tells him "On your feet soldier!" sounds an awful lot like Kiefer Sutherland, but (29) the bandaged man is not Miller, even I thought that Miller sounded a little like Sutherland, I know it can't be him because throughout the rest of this trailer he isn't badly burned or scarred. UPDATE: Some speculation is coming up that Ishmael is Gray Fox. UPDATE 2: The Metal Gear Wikia states Gray Fox as being imprisoned in the 70's where he was rescued by Big Boss in Vietnam While that may happen in the game (Big Boss going around the world rescuing people to add to his military sounds normal) Gray Fox probably isn't Ishmael.

UPDATE: It's Chico, my theory is blown to hell. Here is a #30 to replace that: why does Chico pull his headphone jack from a hole in his chest? (you can see it better in the GDC trailer from a while ago).


UPDATE 2: I removed my former theory about Raiden because the html code for a strike through does not play well with Kinja. The easy thing was just to remove it.

UPDATE: Watching the GDC gameplay trailer really helps clear up some thing about the order of Ground Zeroes events. Also common sense.

"The Sins of the Father"

(35) Great song title. Maybe Big Boss and his 'children'?

(36) What you can clearly see here is Big Boss and his robo-hand passing what appears to be a blood diamond to a child. Afterwords more children hold out their hands with more diamonds. This reinforces the theory that this could be in (37) Liberia since that country and some of its neighbors have problems with blood diamonds. The child workers/soldiers and diamonds only help reinforce this. (38) Now I am starting to get the idea that some of the game involves Solidus after all.

UPDATE 2: Probably no Solidus. At least not from anything seen in this trailer.

(39) After that clip with the children it appears that Big Boss, now Punished Snake (I assume he is called that since he left the Patriots, being punished for his actions), aiming and shooting at the same children. I assume that because of the lighting and texture of the cave wall.


UPDATE: Here is something to replace #33 up there. Rich8606 pointed out that Snake has a somewhat visible chunk of shrapnel in his head. Maybe it's a chunk of diamond, hence "Diamond Dogs," or maybe it's just a rock.

UPDATE 2: Somebody in the comments (Sorry! I have a ton of notifications and can't find it!) mentioned that the shrapnel is bone. They mentioned that Kojima himself had said so in a podcast. It's worth mentioning that I don't listen to the podcast that Kojima puts out so I would have never known til I played the game myself.

Big Boss rescued Miller, (40) apparently after his coma (because of his prosthetic hand). It looks like (41) Miller was kidnapped or captured while Big Boss was in his coma and after recovering he saves him to get (42) revenge on The Patriots UPDATE: Cipher, which seems to be the overall theme of this trailer. (43) Also this looks like the same oil platform as from before in the trailer, so this scene must be from before then. Apparently Cipher really wants them dead.

"Cipher ... What they are doing in Africa is the missing piece."

So Cipher is doing something in Africa (nailed it!), but what does it have to do with blood diamonds? Lasers like in the movie Congo? I don't know.


UPDATE: To replace #34 up there commenter David Alter pointed out the Big Boss smokes an e-cigar:

However here is the end of the trailer where I seem to have run out of things to pull from the trailer. So, did I miss anything? Anybody have their own theories?