So my Maxima has keyless entry, but it also is keyless start. I won’t have anything of value in the car, but I’m more worried about the car being stolen. Anyway, I never have to put the key in to start, the key just needs to be in there for the engine to run. Any ideas how someone can beat an engine immobilizer? (So I… » 4/15/15 4:19pm Wednesday 4:19pm

I was driving to work one day and got too close to a curb and blew a tire. I switched the flat for the smaller spare tire. Coincidentally I worked at Walmart so when I got in all I had to do was drop off the car to get a new tire and go to work elsewhere in the store. The guy writing up the work order walked out with… » 4/08/15 9:45pm 4/08/15 9:45pm